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Sustainability statement

As part of the wider Daniel Thwaites group, at Cottons Hotel & Spa, we understand that sustainability is an important part of operating a responsible business. We strive to use innovation and craftsmanship to deliver great service in a way that is kind to the planet and allows us to be here for you for many years to come. We’re always looking at new ways to operate in a more sustainable way, here are a few of the things that we are doing right now.


Environmental Programs

  • We’re working hard on recycling and waste reduction, including separate bins for general, plastic and paper waste in all bedrooms & conference rooms. We’ve been a member of WRAP since 2019.
  • Our bedroom linens and towels replaced every third day for long stay guests, unless otherwise requested.
  • We have vegan and vegetarian menus available.

Energy, Carbon & Water Reduction

  • We use energy efficient guest room controls in all of our rooms and have a building management system to help us be as efficient as possible across the hotel & spa.
  • We’ve installed a power perfector to regulate the voltage of electricity in the building and not only reduce electricity waste but also lower carbon emissions in the process.
  • 50% of the property is covered by modulating boilers to ensure maximum efficiency and lower our carbon emissions. We have plans to extend this across the whole site.
  • We have 7 EV chargers on site.
  • We have installed endotherm dosing to the closed hot water system, reducing our gas usage by up to 30%.
  • We’ve added Chlorine Dioxide to our hot water system so that we can safely operate at a lower temperature whilst still providing hot water throughout the building.
  • We’re committed to changing all of our lighting to LED.
  • Our external lights have been upgraded to LED.
  • We have variable speed controllers or variable speed motors fitted to the majority of hotel heating & ventilation equipment allowing them to ramp up & down on demand reducing electrical usage.
  • We use aerated shower heads in our bathrooms to reduce wastewater and have plans to move to even more efficient measures as we refurbish our bathrooms.
  • We have water conservation measures in place, including capturing rainwater for irrigation in our gardens. 
  • We promote water-efficient landscaping throughout the grounds; including using low water use plants, designing and scheduling irrigation systems efficiently, grouping plants according to their water requirements and hardscaping external areas to encourage an efficient flow of water to plants & flowers.


Waste reduction

  • We’re reducing single use plastics throughout the hotel & spa.
    • Glass bottled water available from all outlets.
    • No single use plastics in guest bedrooms. Re-fillable toiletries in all bedrooms, spa and public area bathrooms.
    • Guest bedroom milk & water bottles have been replaced with glass bottles and refill stations in the corridors.
    • Paper straws in are in use at all food and beverage outlets.
    • Pencils are used throughout all of our conference facilities rather than pens.
    • Paper bags used for all takeaway items.
  • All brochures & literature are available online to reduce the need for paper brochures.
  • All in room menus are available through the television, reducing the need for paper menus in guest bedrooms.
  • We avoid unnecessary printing wherever possible.


Sustainable Food and Drink

  • We have local, sustainable and seasonal items available on our menus.
  • We use responsibly sourced seafood where possible.
  • We use organic eggs.
  • We have food waste reduction program in place, any waste we do have is separated and recycled and converted to electricity through anaerobic digestion.
  • We use Corovin systems to reduce wine & sparkling wine waste.


Biodiversity and Conversation

  • We are proud to partner with Caudalie in our spa. Who only use clean & natural ingredients in their products. All of our treatment product partners packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • Our gardens are planted with native plants, reducing the need for pesticides and waste water.


Purchasing Practices

  • We are focused on partnering with sustainable suppliers wherever possible.
  • Suppliers are encouraged to reduce unnecessary packaging.



  • We believe in quality and craftsmanship, adopting the mantra of do it well, do it once with all of our property refurbishments.
  • We source materials from Britain to ensure quality and reduce the carbon impact of our investments.
  • We create classic timeless designs meaning that our investments have lifespans and economic returns.



  • We encourage long term business relationships with partners to ensure stability for both them and us.
  • We’re proud to employ local people across our hotels and inns to help support our local communities with sustainable jobs.
  • We invest in training and development of our team members, equipping them with the skills for a prosperous career in hospitality.
  • We promote a positive and supportive work environment.

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